About us

A blossom is simple and beautiful. Its beauty attracts hard-working bugs and pollinators, among them honey bees. Fruit is tho nama newe climax of a plant species, blossoms return, and new fruit will ripen.

Cvet beekeeping is also very simple. We are familiar with beekeeping technologies. We care for bees and maintain colonies from one season to another. Bees are our regular companions.

Cvet beekeeping are beekeeper Mitja Nakrst and his wife Katja. Bees are our everyday inspiration and enormous challenge.

Mitja gained his first beekeeping experience helping his father with his bees. At first, beekeeping was a hardly-solvable riddle. His professional beekeeping career began during his studies at the Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences in Maribor. The thesis Morphological characterization of honeybee (Apis mellifera carnica) workers and queens in queen rearing apiaries was his introduction into the in-depth world of mysterious bees. Mitja’s supervisor Prof. Dr. Aleš Gregorc offered him professional support, gave him guidelines, and significantly contributed to Mitja’s professional development. During his studies, Mitja’s career was also influenced by the practical training in the field of honey flow forecasts, supervised by Mr. Pavle Zdešar who was head of the Service for observing and forecasting conditions for honey flow at that time. Employment in the Apiculture group of the Animal Production Department at the Agricultural Institute of Slovenia enriched Mitja’s beekeeping career with lab work, work at the Institute’s testing station, and with various beekeeping experiments; he also attended conferences and workshops, worked with Slovenian and international experts and scientists, beekeepers and queen breeders.

Being active members of the local beekeeping community is rewarding for us both, Katja and Mitja. The two of us and all of our bee colonies make our Cvet a blossom that blooms and bears every year.

May honey flow!